daytime York Region interview with Jacqueline Betterton


“A mixture of strings and sentiment” —  Lucy Purdy, The Barrie Advance

“Stunning guitar; original vocals”

—  Janette Vanderzaag, Groundswell Coffeehouse

“When guitarist,songwriter,singer Cameron Austin takes his place in front of the microphone, he delivers a performance straight from the heart that sends a charge through the audience who came to hear music performed as it was meant to be performed – live.”

—  Bryan Lockhart, Sideroads of South Simcoe

“With…release of his 2nd album, Barrie musician Cameron Austin…to celebrate. His new CD, “Seems To Me”, offers a whole new level of his blues and jazz style with unusual rhythms…It won’t disappoint fans and will likely attract the artist quite a few new ones.”  
—  Reid Heikamp, The Weekend Herald