If Everyone is Talking, Who is Listening?

With the decreased influence of publisher and record label controlled books and music, combined with the ability for anyone to create, and exhibit to the masses via social media, do we face a cultural crisis?

We already see signs and symptoms of middle class apathy propagated and perpetuated by materials of instant accessibility and gratification. The availability of substandard product has grown out of a societal emphasis on the quantity of stuff, rather than on the quality of goods, in some sick effort to fill a void with this stuff – just look at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

Does this attempt to fill the emptiness of apathy, further generate a ‘void’ in cultural and social connection that can be felt in music and literature where our eyes and ears are overwhelmed by many voices lacking the nurturing and permanence to truly be great, leaving both the artist and the audience unfulfilled; underdeveloped; empty; disconnected?

Increased and instant exposure, made easy through the internet and social platforms, only amplifies all of this ‘unfiltered noise’ at a dizzying rate, creating a sort of digital vertigo.

Were we wrong to rock the boat of the large publisher and record labels? Probably not. But hasn’t the message been received? With the subjection of the masses to so much unfiltered noise, is it not too much for the listener to cut through that noise in order to be both consumer and critic, in order to nurture and foster the development of an artist?

Perhaps what is lacking is the presence and influence of those filters in order to allow for consumers to form deeper, long term connections with art again, in order to feel culturally rooted in a world lacking permanence and quality.






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