“Cameron’s mother attests to his early ability to hum any tune that came on the radio within hearing the first few notes. From about 1970 until 1982, he continued to hum tunes until receiving his first guitar that Christmas. Wanting to be a drummer, he quickly began to learn basic chord shapes in order to play rhythmic progressions, reluctantly began to sing with these progressions, and experimented with the harmonica using a harp holder crafted from an old steel hanger. Born and raised in a small
farming hamlet on the Niagara Escarpment above Hamilton, these good friends shared time and space with his love for the natural environment as they would often journey through the orchards, fields, woods, and creek behind his home.

Time passes as it does, and having completed an environmental degree, he moved to Winnipeg to volunteer at Ducks Unlimited where he met aboriginal flute artist, Terry Widrick. Terry took Cameron to Sunshine Records to lay guitar underneath his flute.

Soon after returning to Hamilton, Cameron met JUNO award winner Errol Starr who, coincidently, was looking for a guitar player to write, record and perform with. Around the same time, Errol took a very young Melissa McClelland (of Whitehorse) under his wing to record her first demo. Cameron was enlisted to lay down acoustic and electric guitars on this demo, as well as to perform with Melissa.

Whether it was jitters or a desire to be able to eat, Cameron decided to become an elementary school teacher and only continued to perform for himself. After having taught just short of a decade, Cameron began to write and perform his own material. Spurred on by the response to his music, in 2007 he enlisted Starr to help him record his first demo of original tunes.

Since this time, Cameron continues to teach, live, and write in the small town of Alliston, Ontario. He has recorded 3 full albums of more original material (Seems To Me; 2010) (Joy Jaunts & Impassioned Flings; 2013) (Charging Toward The Sun; 2016) and continues to perform at various small festivals and venues in Ontario.

Cameron’s new album, Charging Toward The Sun, is a blend of Folk-Rock and Americana that ventures down sunset highways and dusty prairie roads, past wild haunted horses, lonely farms, and golden fields on a rambling journey through the mid-west of life.


Charging Toward The Sun: Cameron Austin, Paul Brennan, Stuart Steinhart, Kene Hyatt, Rick Roy, Anne Myers
Joy Jaunts & Impassioned Flings: Cameron Austin, Kene Hyatt, Rick Roy, Anne Myers, Roy
Hickling, Troy Wellington
Seems To Me: Cameron Austin, Kene Hyatt, Rick Roy, Stuart Steinhart, Alyssa Wright, Anne

All albums were mastered by Joao Carvalho and recorded with producer /
engineer Gary Long who worked with Digging Roots on their JUNO award
winning CD.